Ren Faire Treats in a Box

Ren Faire Treats in a Box

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Missing your favorite ren faire, pirate festival, and celtic festival treats? We have collected all the most popular sweets that we created and sold at all the renaissance faires, pirate festivals, Scottish Highland Games and Celtic festivals where we are or were vendors. Included in your box are the following:

Troll Ears - invented by us for the Northern California Renaissance Faire, this tasty treat has been one of our most beloved sweets ever.

Irish Whiskey Fudge - we created and debuted this at the largest renaissance faires of California, and it continues to be a perennial favorite at Scottish and Celtic festivals every year

Sweet Spiced Almonds - everyone loves the smell of sweet spiced almonds wafting through the air in the renaissance faire forest! Here they are now for you to enjoy at home. We sold them at The Nut Hut at the largest California Renaissance faires.

Rum Cake loaf - we debuted them at the Great Dickens Christmas Faire, and then the Northern California Pirate Festival. We then sold them at the Northern Californian Renaissance Faire on Pirate Invasion weekends! We make it with Myers Dark Rum and lots of love. Yarrrr....