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Caramel Apple Sticks

Caramel Apple Sticks

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This style of caramel apple stick is getting difficult to find due to the global shipping crisis, and we have some overstock, so we're selling them to help folks out. These are the right sticks you need for making candy apple sticks and caramel apples, made from eco-friendly bamboo. We know, because we have been making caramel apples at our shop every day for 14 years.

These are also perfect for lollipops, marshmallows, cake pops or any other food on-a-stick.

-Each package contains 40 sticks

-Tips are tapered to a blunted semi-point for safety

-These sticks are 5.5" in length, and 4.5mm in diameter.

-They are also great for making small wands at wizard-themed parties!
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