Frozen Delivery 12 Pasties Box

Frozen Delivery 12 Pasties Box

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Choose from any of our savory and sweet pasties! Here are the flavors:

Chicken Curry - scratch-made mild-to-medium heat Indian style curry featuring chunks of tender dark meat chicken, tomatoes and onions

Porky Pie - savory ground pork, minced red onions, sharp cheddar cheese and a bit of sweet chutney make this super tasty

Irish Potato and Cheese (vegetarian) - colcannon, a traditional Irish potato dish, is paired with sharp cheddar cheese to deliver a comforting yet sophisticated flavor combination

Tikka Sweet Potato and Pea (vegetarian) - scratch-made tikka masala sauce with sweet potatoes and petite peas

Pumpkin (like what a certain boy wizard enjoys at school!) - sweet pumpkin, warm spices, brown sugar and a buttery crust. So good!

Fruit Mince - our house-made fruit mince encased in buttery, flaky pie crust