About Us

Kristen has been making caramel for over 15 years, for friends and family during the holidays as a fun and unique gift. Then in November 2005, she decided to start selling it, because she realized that there was a need for a good old-fashioned caramel. What she didn't anticipate was the overwhelmingly positive response! After a year of success, she and her husband expanded into marshmallows and brittle, again with the same attention to detail and high-quality ingredients.
Later they developed their current candy line based on old fashioned American treats, with nods to their ancestors from Ireland, Scotland and England. In 2014, they expanded yet again into liquor and tea cakes, as well as traditional Christmas Puddings for the holidays. Because of the addition of the cakes, they created a booth called Celtic Candies and Cakes, that can be seen at major Scottish Highland Games events throughout the year, as well as the Great Dickens Fair (London's Finest Cakes and Puddings) during November and December.

In March of 2019, they made a big decision and changed the name of the shop to The Celtic Tea Shoppe, Home of Artisan Candies. This reflects the broad range of foods and tea accessories they are now offering in the shop and online. You can visit the store and purchase their handmade sausage rolls, meat pies, vegetarian pies (pies are not available online due to shipping) and other goodies, and even create custom orders for your next wedding, birthday, or afternoon tea with friends!

Kristen and Dean have made a lot of people happy with their great tasting caramel, and now an entire line of handcrafted, gourmet goodies... all available for sale online, at festivals, or at their kitchen and shop in San José, California.