FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take orders over the phone?

We do not, but we can certainly answer questions for you! It's best to order online for shipping, and you can either order online for pickup at the store, or walk in and buy what you wish.

What is the best way to order gift boxes and hampers?

Online is best, and please don't forget to give us at least a day's notice to create them for you.

Can I order ahead more than a week?

If it's for what we have in stock, we ask that you order and schedule a pickup within 4 business days. Space is limited and we don't want to lose your order, and sometimes customers forget.

If you are ordering for a special event, please reach out to us so we can help you plan, and we can then get your order in to our production schedule. Special events sometimes require a larger amount of one or more products, so we will need to make room in our schedule to accommodate. We love special projects, so please call us!

I am planning a special event. Should I just order online or talk to you first?

Please talk to us first, whether in an email, or a phone call at our shop. That way we can find out what you want, how we might be able to customize it for you, and then we'll create an invoice for your event, and email it to you.

I would like to order scones. Do you make them on demand or are they available any time at the shop?

We make all our scones to order, so they will be the freshest possible. You can order half batches (4), full batches (8), fairy scones (starting at 6 ct.) and tea scones (16). That does mean, however, that we don't sell single scones at the shop.

I love caramel apples! Do you have them at the shop?

We make caramel apples on demand, and just need at least a 2-hour window for us to make them. We also ask for a two-apple minimum. They are made using Granny Smith apples, and our fresh handmade caramel. Nuts are optional, of course.