Crusted Meat Pies for Pickup

Crusted Meat Pies for Pickup

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Meat pies are a staple of English, Irish and Scottish meals! Each pie contains 5 oz. of filling inside a double crust for all flavors. All pies are frozen, and should be thawed before baking for best results. Baking instructions are printed on each package for easy of use.

Note: Please understand that we do not make alterations to the recipes for special requests. If you wish to order for a special event, please send us an inquiry here.

We like to use fun shapes to tell the pies apart, so here is the pie legend:

Oak Leaf - beef and onion
Maple Leaf - curry chicken
Triangle - beef and cheddar
Club/shamrock - Guinness beef
Star - Chicken pot pie
Spade/mushroom - Hobbit
Leaf - Spinach/cheese
Diamond - Haggis (ground beef and lamb with spices, oats, and gravy)
6 pt. Star - cottage pie (beef and vegetable)