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Tea Strainers

Tea Strainers

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Tea strainers are imperative when brewing loose leaf tea, and when they look pretty, even better!

The new Cylinder strainers are perfect for small pots of tea, or in place of a tea bag for loose leaf tea. The lid will stay on when tightened, and won't allow the tea to get loose in the water. It’s a little less than 2” diameter and will hold at least a tablespoon of tea easily, which allows the tea to move freely in the strainer so it can hydrate.

The Empress strainers are Kristen's favorite tea strainers for single cups of tea, because the handles are wide enough to sit on most tea or coffee cups, and the strainer comes with its own resting bowl to keep your table neat and tidy (and they look pretty!).

Tea strainers make thoughtful add-on gifts when purchasing tea for others, or creating your own custom tea gift box. They are made with stainless steel, and we recommend handwashing for longest life.

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