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Father's Day Gift Box

Father's Day Gift Box

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All our Dad's favorites in one place! Featuring all the tasty treats that dads love:

  • Craft Beer Brittle or Kathy's Old Fashioned Brittle, based on availability
  • Sweet Spiced Almonds or Pub Nuts, based on availability
  • Salted Caramel Corn
  • Your choice of Scotch Whisky Cake, Rum Cake, or Irish Whiskey Cake
  • Or order the Deluxe box and get all three cakes

If this is to be shipped, it will be wrapped in our Brown Paper Gift Wrap as part of the shipping service. If you wish to have the Brown Paper Gift Wrap for pickup, please go here to purchase, and let us know in the note section.

Order using Priority Shipping by June 14th for cross country, or June 15 for California residents, to have it arrive for the big weekend. Slàinte!

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