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"A Pirate's Tea for Me" Afternoon Tea Treasure Box

"A Pirate's Tea for Me" Afternoon Tea Treasure Box

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Even pirates need a nice break for tea from their pillaging and plundering! This gift box is filled with everything a pirate needs for their afternoon tea, made right here at our shop. If it is being shipped as a gift, we'll also wrap it in our Brown Paper Gift Wrap as part of the shipping service. 

Don't forget, we ship all over the country, and even internationally! Yarrr! 

Here is what you'll receive:

  • Rum Cake, 10 oz. loaf
  • Beer Brittle or Peanut Brittle (based on availability), 7 oz.
  • Pub Nuts, 4 oz.
  • Two Royal Fruit Scones (with rum, of course!), 4.5 oz. each
  • Darjeeling black tea, 1 oz. tin
  • Piratical note 

Please don't forget to give us at least 24-48 hours notice to make your box. 

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