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Wizard School Acceptance Letter

Wizard School Acceptance Letter

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Have you received your letter yet?? Now you can, and you can either pick it up at our new Owl Post Office inside the shoppe, or it can be sent to you via Muggle Post.

Be sure to include ALL pertinent information listed below so your letter is not delayed in being sent (Prof. McGonagall is a stickler, you know!). If you don't fill out this information, it will delay your letter:

  • Mr., Miss, Ms., Mrs. or other honorific, then FULL First and last names
  • Location of bedroom address
  • Address you would like to be included in the letter
  • Optional Wizard Afternoon Tea Box (sold separately here)

Example: Mr. Harry Potter
                4 Privet Drive
                Little Whinging, SURREY

Please be sure to choose Pick Up or Shipping when checking out. See you at Hogwarts!

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