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Wizard's Afternoon Tea Gift Box

Wizard's Afternoon Tea Gift Box

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We've created the perfect gift box for when you are out using your magic powers to save the world from evil, playing Hogwarts Legacy, watching your favorite wizard movies, or reading with your family. All the treats are handmade by us, using the best and freshest ingredients, as well as a deep love for the wizarding world and all those who inhabit it. Included in the gift box are the following for 2-4 people:
  • Pumpkin Pasty
  • Ginny's Mincemeat Pie
    • (or two of one flavor, depending on availability)
  • Magical color-changing tea
  • Cauldron Cake
  • Ginger Newts
  • Optional - Wizard School Acceptance letter (we will need a name, bedroom address, and house address for this)
  • Optional - Fairy Lights

If this is to be shipped, it will be wrapped in our Owl Post Gift Wrap as part of the shipping service. If you wish to have the Owl Post Gift Wrap for pickup, please go here to purchase, and let us know in the note section.

Order for when you break out the HP PoA book, or for your next Harry Potter movie marathon. If you want to make it extra special, purchase a wizard school acceptance letter to go with it, and fairy lights to light up the box (use the lights afterward to light up anything else you desire)!

Fairy Lights
Wizard School Acceptance Letter kit
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